Specialists in fire protection

ALPI, the specialist in fire protection since 2002, advises all of its customers to help them carry out their projects. ALPI offers them products, maintenance, training, and recommends them on their fire protection.

ALPI is a company that puts the security of its clients above everything. We have many undeniable advantages in the fire protection industry.

Whether it is automatic fire suppression systems, fire fighting equipment, emergency and intervention plans, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, hose reels, maintenance and training; ALPI will be happy to send you, without a commitment on your behalf, one of our experts in every field, to analyze and develop or to improve your fire protection.

Like this you are always sure to make the best decision regarding your fire protection!

Products and services for fire protection

ALPI provides all fire fighting products: we offer our customers a wide range with the most up to date to the most sophisticated products available on the market.

At ALPI we service all types of fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment such as hose reels, emergency lighting or fire hydrants. We do this for all the products on the market and not just those that we provide. ALPI also performs verification procedures on your fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems. When we are doing refills or repairs we only use original parts from the supplier. So everything remains simple for you!

Certification of products and services

Our products always meet the Luxembourg and European standards.

The maintenance and inspection of your facility or pool of fire extinguishers are always carried out in accordance with the requirements of the most stringent rules. ALPI is not a certified business but it follows all the current European legislation and standards. The company is also doing the necessary to have the ISO 9001 certification.

Our partner Ansul and their impeccable reputation are the best guarantee to ensure quality and accountability!

Quality of products

Our partner’s products such as the fire extinguishers are manufactured in their factory in Belgium. Ansul conducts three quality controls during all phases of production, significantly more than what is required by the standards. We chose this partner because of its reputation and because quality limits maintenance costs for our customers!

Product Warranty

Customers who have the fire extinguishers range Ansul / Turex receive a 10 year guarantee on manufacturing defects on one condition, that they are serviced annually by our experts. More guarantee for a product with a longer life!

Product Benefits

ALPI provides the most effective fire extinguishers and wants to continue in this direction. This is why we have chosen as a partner Ansul and this is why we control all products that are delivered to us.

We do all of this for a maximum protection of your employees and continuity of your business!

Environmental Commitment

When we are presented with a choice between an environmentally friendly product and a non-environmentally product we will always go for the environmentally friendly product.

A good example at ALPI is the adoption of a foam extinguisher "Ecocare" from our partner Ansul. This extinguisher is one of the only fire extinguishers with an environmentally friendly label on it. Even if it is non-pollutant, the power of extinction is as strong as other foam extinguisher. By choosing this you can avoid extra costs due to a possible change of environmental laws becoming more and more stringent.

Civil liability

ALPI has insurance with liability coverage in the amount of € 50,000. Obviously we will do everything we can to not use this policy.

We invite you to explore the rest of our website so that you can find more information on our processes and products!

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