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Fire protection tailored to your business needs

Although we do not sell automated fire suppression systems, we have a partnership with Ansul Belgium who can provide all the automated fire suppression systems available on the market. There are several products for different needs. With the help of our partners we can offer you a tailored solution.

ALPI as an individual company can provide maintenance services on existing automated systems of its customers.

  • Gas Fire Suppression System
    • The extinguishing gas agent acts according to its characteristics: as a refrigerant (Novec 1230) in the combustion process or by lowering the oxygen content at a maximum (B and C), which smothers the fire and turns it off.
      1. Novec 1230 chemical
      2. Inert gas – inergas (IG 55)
      3. CO2
  • Powder Fire Suppression System
    • The extinction by powder acts as an inverted catalyst. The powder acts on the combustion to slow down the fire without agitating it.
    • The fine structure of mono-ammonium phosphate provides an ideal dispersion for the extinction.
  • Foam Fire Suppression System
    • The addition of an emulsifier accelerates the extinction of the fire and prevents re-ignition. The foam base has the ability to deeply penetrate a fire (Class A foam).
    • Alcohol or polar solvent fires should be treated using emulsifiers ARC (alcohol resistant concentrate).
    • The mixture of emulsifiers is done in various proportions in water:
      • For liquid fires: 1%-3% or 6%
      • For class A fires: from 0.1% to 1%
    • To know about fire types A/B/C are therefore essential

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